Hiking Wind Cave Trail | Mesa, AZ

The Stats: 
Trail Name: Wind Cave Trail
Location: Mesa, AZ
Distance: 2.6 miles
Elevation Gain: 770 feet
Published Difficulty: Moderate

The Scoop on Wind Cave Trail:

Honestly, Wind Cave Trail is not my favorite hike in the Phoenix metro area. It’s the most popular trail in the Usery Mountain Regional Park, so is incredibly packed with people. Additionally, the park charges a fee to enter, and the cave at the end of the trail is more of an overhang than it is an actual cave. If you do choose to pay the $7 to get into the park, I would recommend planning a couple of trails to make it worth your while versus traveling there specifically for this one.

That said, the hike itself (after you get past the flat first half mile or so) is pretty. The trail takes you along the side of the mountain until you reach the “cave.” A couple of highlights include the Phoenix sign Perhaps trying it on a weekday would yield better results? I probably won’t be back to find out.

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