Hiking Runyon Canyon Trail | Los Angeles, CA

The Runyon Canyon Lowdown:

If you’re in the Hollywood area and are looking for a great place to get in a quick hike before work or a day of tourism, Runyon Canyon trail is a great option. But keep in mind that the trail is within the constraints of Los Angeles, so it’s not going to be a “nature” hike. The trail is packed with off-leash dogs, people, and rumors of celebrity sightings. Solitude is something you’re not likely to get here.

That said, this is a good trail to break a sweat in a short amount of time. It offers a semi-challenging climb to the top with some nice city views – including downtown Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign and those wild mansions amongst the Hollywood Hills.

The address for Runyon Canyon park, which is where you’ll catch the trail, is 2000 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90046, USA. Use the GPS on your phone to get specific directions, but if you’re staying in Hollywood, it should definitely be walkable.

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