Bell Trail

The Stats: Hike Date: March 17, 2018Location: Rimrock, AZDistance: 6.9 milesElevation Gain: 587 feetPublished Difficulty: Moderate The Skinny: First off, and possibly most important to note: there is no backpacking or camping on this trail effective August 1, 2017. Which I clearly did not know, so we ended up making it a "practice backpacking hike." You know, … Continue reading Bell Trail

Picacho Peak

The Stats: Hike Date: March 3, 2018Location: Picacho, AZDistance: 2.4 milesElevation Gain: 1,958 feetPublished Difficulty: HardDog Friendliness: Not friendly at all. Leave them at home. The Skinny: This trail was incredible. A bit of a drive from Phoenix (hour and a half), but totally worth it. Especially if you're up for a full body workout. The "hard" … Continue reading Picacho Peak

Runyon Canyon

The Stats:Hike Date: January 25, 2018Location: Los Angeles, CADistance: 3 milesElevation Gain: 675 feetPublished Difficulty: ModerateDog Friendliness: Absolutely. Even without a leash. The Skinny: It's a good thing I love dogs, because this place was packed with them. And their people. And people without dogs. Definitely an easy trail to get to if you're in Hollywood near … Continue reading Runyon Canyon

Sunrise Peak

The Stats: Hike Date: January 21, 2018Location: Scottsdale, AZDistance: 3.6 milesElevation Gain: 1,112 feetPublished Difficulty: ModerateDog friendliness: Bring 'em along The Skinny:Not too highly trafficked, a decent climb. Cool overlook of the Fountain Hills fountain if you're there at the right time. There's a nice view at the top and it definitely produced some sweat. I would … Continue reading Sunrise Peak