Hiking Bell Trail | Rimrock, AZ

The Stats: 
Trail Name: Bell Trail to the Crack
Location: Rimrock, AZ
Distance: 6.9 miles
Elevation Gain: 587 feet
Published Difficulty: Moderate

The Scoop on Bell Trail:

First off, and possibly most important to note: there is no backpacking or camping on Bell Trail effective August 1, 2017. I was not aware of this prior to the hike, thus the backpacks in the photos below. Don’t make my same mistake – unless you’re in training, in which case: do you.

That said, Bell Trail is a beautiful hike located shortly outside of Sedona featuring the same family of red rocks. You’ll park in the well-marked parking lot near the trailhead. This is a popular spot, so try to get there early. The extra cup of coffee will be worth it.

There are 2 points on the trail where you need to veer left in order to get to “The Crack” – which is a beautiful swimming hole and a cliff-jumpers dream location. The first intersection comes at a large bulletin board that reiterates that there’s no camping. This is a pretty clear intersection point. Just make sure you stay left.

The other less obvious divergence is a location where you can veer right to walk down to a nice stream with a smooth rock that’s perfect for lounging, or left to walk about a quarter of a mile to your destination. Left is the right way. Got that?

Once you reach the Crack, you’ll find beautiful sandstone rock formations overlooking the swimming hole with plenty of places to sit in between dips. If you get there really early, bring a hammock and chill for a while.

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