Bell Trail

The Stats: 
Hike Date: March 17, 2018
Location: Rimrock, AZ
Distance: 6.9 miles
Elevation Gain: 587 feet
Published Difficulty: Moderate

The Skinny:

First off, and possibly most important to note: there is no backpacking or camping on this trail effective August 1, 2017. Which I clearly did not know, so we ended up making it a “practice backpacking hike.” You know, the kind where you lug all of your gear without the satisfaction of actually setting it up and sleeping under the stars? “Practice.”

That said, it was a beautiful trail right outside of Sedona with the same family of red rocks. There are 2 points on the trail where you need to veer left in order to get to “The Crack.” The first one being at the large bulletin board that reiterates that there’s no camping, and the other, less obvious point, is a place where you can veer right to walk down to a nice stream with a rock that’s perfect for lounging, or left to walk about a quarter of a mile to your destination. The right way is left. Catch that?

Once you reach the Crack, you’ll find beautiful sandstone rock formations overlooking the stream. There are a fair amount of people (at least there were this day), so I would recommend getting an early start to beat the crowds. It’s definitely worth the effort and the extra cup of coffee.

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