be inspired. be wild. be free.

Travel is everything. Getting outside of your comfort zone. Experiencing new cultures. New trails. Meeting new people. Navigating your way around a new national park. Or a new country. To me, there’s nothing better.

My entire life, I’ve been exploring. As a child, my sister and I would spend hours in the woods. Or our parents would load us into the car and we would head out on a cross-country road trip (which, in retrospect, seems brave with small children). As we grew, the travel shifted to planes and the woods became mountains. And as I became an adult, that has continued.

Travel and exploring continue to be a primary pillar for me. And I’m sharing my experiences with you here. I hope you enjoy, and that you’re inspired to get out there and find an oasis of your own.

Happy trails!
– Rachel (and Sir Charles when it’s dog friendly)

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Hiking Wave Cave Trail | Gold Canyon, AZ

Catch the Wave Cave trail at the intersection of Carney Springs trailhead and Peralta Road. There are no signs in the parking lot for the trail itself, but you can’t miss the wide, blocked-off dirt road that makes up the first mile of this hike. Here, you’ll reach a wilderness fence line marking your entrance into the Superstition Wilderness. Go through the … Continue reading Hiking Wave Cave Trail | Gold Canyon, AZ